Get Filtered Water From Every Faucet

We install whole-home water filtration systems in Shallotte, NC

Even if your water is filtered by your municipality, it can still bring all kinds of contaminants into your home. There's no reason to settle for a filter attachment that can only provide clean water out of a single faucet. With whole-home water filtration systems, you can enjoy filtered water out of every faucet and appliance in your house.

King Plumbing and Drains can test your water and explain your options. We can install everything from water filters that remove contaminants to water softeners that get rid of minerals. You can create a customized system that will give your family tastier, healthier water.

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Why use a water filtration system?

Why use a water filtration system?

You might think whole-home water filtration systems aren't necessary because you can install a filter on your kitchen sink. But filtration systems provide a range of benefits. Consider whole-home water filtration because:

  • Removing minerals from your water can reduce wear and tear on your appliances, making them last longer.
  • Filtered water will leave less residue on your hair, skin and clothes, helping you feel more comfortable and look healthier.
  • You can reduce the chance of illness by ensuring all the water you use daily is completely clean.
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